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Will Howlett This is my favourite song to study my maths and chemistry to. Sorry, physics is still Black Sabbath though.
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A lot of the Music that I write and record is a reaction to what is going around me. My second album Dial was born out of frustration that everything around me was moving too slow. Recording and writing albums became huge massive projects with to do lists, notation, session musicians, editing, self doubt and very often it seemed like very little of the initial rush of passion that started the projects survived at the end.

With Dial I had the idea of creating a piece that would emulate the feeling of listening to a radio and shifting through the stations but occasionally staying deliberately between stations and just listening to the noise with little pieces of music bleeding through. Cutup voices used for the texture of the sounds and not the words. I set it up so that the whole piece would be recorded in one continuous flow. I knew how long it was going to be when I started. I had the arrangement and mood firmly in my head. And then I just started recording. There is randomness and sonic accidents. The mix was done with the same attitude. It was done live in two takes with no computers or automation.

When it came to releasing it I asked my friend Magdalena Haggärde if she could make something special for the cover. She made 16 vacuum packed covers. They are all numbered, different and by definition very special.

Listening to it now makes me very happy and proud. There's a sense of musical abandonment to it. It leaves a lot of responsibility to the listener.

And one thing is certain...You will hear it differently than I do.

Thank you for listening.


released August 18, 2016

Mastered by Christopher Cline
Cover by Henning Lindahl



all rights reserved


Roth-händle Stockholm, Sweden

A little insight into the weird world of Roth Händle studios. A recording studio located in Stockholm, Sweden, run by producer and musician Mattias Olsson.

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